5 Reason’s why you should add a Freestanding Bath

5 Reason’s why you should add a Freestanding Bath to your Bathroom

With the stress and and commotion that we face in everyday life. It is without a doubt that people choose to take a bath as a way to relax and unwind. With saying this, it is important that the right environment is created, in order to gain the most out of this experience.

Design Tiles stock a range of bathroom ware in order to create a calming and relaxing environment for people to enjoy. One item we love and continue to advise to our customers is the Freestanding Bathtub. The name say’s it itself. It isn’t connected to any walls and requires minimal installation besides general plumbing. It  is a key trend in creating a modern and contemporary bathroom.  Each bathtub comes in a range of sizes and styles to suit the character of your bathroom space.

Contura Freestanding Bath by Caroma

Contura Freestanding Bath by Caroma

Five reasons why you should add a Free Standing bathtub, to your new or current bathroom space.

1.It adds luxury and opulence to your space.
A freestanding bathtub can instantly make your bathroom look and feel like it’s fit for a king or queen.

2. A freestanding bath create’s a spa like experience in which creates calmness.
This means, no more expensive visits to a spa retreat, when you can create the experience in your own home.

3.Can’t decide on a feature wall? Use a freestanding bathtub as a feature.
Feature walls are often the most difficult aspect when designing your space. A freestanding bath can create the same focal point a feature wall can create without too much happening in yhe background.

4.Incorpoarting a freestanding bathtub, can create an illusion of extra space in the bathroom.
Freestanding bathtubs can make any bathroom space appear larger. Depending on the sizing of the bathroom space. It is suggested that freestanding baths have enough room to allow you to enter inside the bath, as well as be able to clean around it.

5. A Freestanding bath allows to show off your beautiful tiles.
This allows you to create the freestanding bath as a focal point. It creates a larger sense of space which shows off your beautiful tiles.

Cube 1600 Freestanding by Caroma

Cube 1600 Freestanding by Caroma

One more last tip before purchasing a freestanding bath. It is important to make sure you try and sit in the bathtub before it’s yours to place in your bathroom. It is important to understand how your body and the shape of the bathtub sync with each other. A bathtub is your’s to own for many years, and choosing the right bathtub in which syncs with the design of your body can allow for a comfortable and luxurious experience each time.

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