Types of Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile has been popular for the past centuries. In fact, the use of stone in buildings dates back to 2500 BC. Stone tiles bring the colors and texture of nature to homes from each piece of tile being different to the next  and adds a quality and warmth to a room that other tiles don’t have. Another reason for it being popular is because stone can be brought back to life and  re surfaced if  over time the tiles scratch or naturally dull with age. When choosing your natural stone tiles at  design tiles , our design consultants will help you choose the best stone for your desired look and needs. Some stone flooring requires minimal upkeep and is natural, classy, and durable. Thanks to the unending development of sealers and finishes, natural stone flooring is indestructible as a home flooring choice. If you’re into classy things, natural stone tiles are definitely the best look  for your home!


There are different types of natural stone tiles. Among the popular are the following:

  • Travertine. Travertine is by far one of the most highly used stones for both internal and external applications. Travertine possesses a very natural rustic and depending on the  type of finish you use, Can have a very raw organic look . like any natural stone , travertine ages overtime taking on a more warn look
  •  Marble & limestone . Marble  & limestone are known to be very luxurious being  one of the most expensive floor tiles with an additional cost for its installation. But with high cost comes great benefits. Its aesthetic beauty is one of its greatest benefits. Only a few tiles can be as beautiful as marble & limestone . Both sharing similar characteristics these gorgeous stones can complement your home’s style whether it is classical or ultra-modern. If installed correctly, marble can withstand the test of time.
  • Granite. I’m sure you’re not new to the look of granite. It is known to be used on both kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Known to be a durable and hard stone tile, it works great on floors. Granite costs less than other types of stone flooring. It’s fairly easy to clean and is ideal to use in kitchen bench tops and extremely popular to be  used externally on driveways , walkways due to its high density and easy maintenance

When choosing the best natural stone tile for your home, bare In mind , natural stone will age gracefully over  time with general ware & maintenance and weathering when applied externally.  keep in mind when Sealing natural stone, it only helps in minimizing absorption not completely stopping staining . Natural stone is suppose to age that’s when it looks its best!  We have a lot of tiles to perfectly match your home here at Design Tiles  If you seek advice for your floor tile needs, just call us at 02-9567-8971.