Setting the Perfect Bathroom Mood

You might wonder, “How does a perfect bathroom mood feel?” Answer: it depends on you. Well it really is. You’re the one who will feel so you’re the only one who can set the perfect mood…YOUR perfect mood. Designer Tiles Rockdale simply aims to guide you on how to do that but the output will be different as it is all up to you. With that settled, then, ok… let’s start!

Picking the Right Type of Bathroom Tiles

The tiles you choose would be the main basis of what mood you’ll be able to achieve.Choosing the right type of tiles is based on the material used for it. The common types used are ceramic, travertine, granite, marble, and glass. Ceramic tiles are most often used because of its slip-proof, easy to clean, and nonabsorbent qualities. Adding the fact that it’s cheap, it makes the most practical choice. The other ones have great qualities too besides the fact that they’re usually prettier and can blend in easier with any design than ceramic tiles.

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Choosing the Right Look and Feel

Tiles with lively colours can help feel invigorated in the morning, setting the perfect mood for a hyper day. Tiles of soft colors could give out a calm and peaceful aura which is perfect for soaking in the tub after a long stressful day. A mixture of the lively and soft colors can have both of the effects and compatible for either purpose. There are also different tile sizes and shapes available in the market to choose from. Larger sizes usually create a dramatic effect to the bathroom design.Smaller tile cuts are more practical for smaller spaces and can be matched with white or beige color to make the room feel wider. The key to choosing tiles is just to base it on your own personality. This would make your bathroom perfectly compatible with you no matter what your mood is.


Deciding on the Perfect Layout

Usually, before a person even shops for tiles, he or she already has a good idea on the look or design he or she would like for a bathroom. While shopping, additional ideas come to mind. If you don’t have a design on mind yet, you can check out some design on the internet. You can also have someone help you create a design for your bathroom.

Simple mix and match of tile colours, shapes and sizes could create a great effect to the final look of your bathroom. You can even ask bathroom tiles Rockdale tips and suggestions from the tiles shop or even here in Designer Tiles on how to achieve the results you would like. Feel free to go beyond common designs and be unique. It’s your own bathroom anyway.