Light Tiles vs Dark Tiles

These days when it comes to renovating or building we have so many options to choose from when it comes to tiling our home.

10 years ago when I started as Design Consultant at Design Tiles, the choices of tiles were so limited. A floor tile was only used for the floor and not the wall. But over time, tiles have evolved and now they can be used anywhere and the only limitation is your imagination! Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, finishes and textures which can create or be designed into the desired look you are after.

From the ever so popular wall tile, White Gloss Rectified 300 x 600 mm, which creates the perfect paneled look for when you want simplicity or just a painted surface so you can add an exciting feature wall tile. Adding a feature wall tile will make your room exciting which will stand out, the gorgeous geometric shapes like the Hexagon tiles create fun and texture to your bathroom floor or wall or kitchen splashback.

But I must say, my favorite look at the moment is the deeper warm grey and monochromatic tones..keeping the floor and wall tiles in the bathroom in the same deeper tone, creates such a dramatic but classy look to any size bathroom.

‘But doesn’t that close in the space and make the room look smaller? You say?’ My reply is always ‘NO’, but only if you follow these simple rules :

1. Use Larger wall tiles – When using larger wall tile in a small space no matter the colour a 600 x 600 mm tile for example instead of a 300 x 600 mm less grout joints, also opt for a rectified tile (straight cut) not a cushion edge (round edge tile) on the wall which space automatically appears larger.

2. Using a Lappato or Gloss Tile – Lappato/Semi Gloss or Gloss finish for the walls. The reflective surface warms and brightens up the room.

3. Match your grout – Matching your colour grout and smaller grout joints create a seamless appearance. When you highlight the tile with a different coloured grout you end up creating less space in your room. Not highlighting it and choosing a coloured grout that matches your tile add the illusion of more space in a room.

4. Use the same tile – It Doesn’t matter about size or shape but keeping the colour the same when tiling the floor and wall will give your bathroom that seemless look. There will be no harsh point of break to the horizontal and vertical  surface, again creating a scene of space.

5. Lighting – lastly if you don’t have sufficient lighting then the space will look dull, lighting makes or breaks any scheme!!!

Follow these simple rules to create that more intimate style in your bathroom ….