How much should you be paying for your tiles?

When it comes to buying tiles, I always say don’t skimp on quality. One common question asked is how much should I be paying for my tiles? Why are some tiles more than others when it’s the same material?

Sure, paying less is always a win but not all bargain’s are savings, usually it’s skimping on the quality of the product, with the right guidance you will know what tile  product is of quality and what is not.

That satisfaction you get from a saving a few dollars on a cheaper tile product in the long run can be turned into a costly and stressfull exercise when the product doesn’t perform like it should!

So often people are tempted to buy tiles that are copies of a quality tiles they originally chose for the sake of usually only a small amount in saving, they have taken second best on a tile that they will see and use every day of their lives for the next 10 or so years.

Yes, there are sometimes genuine bargains, where we can help you save on your tile selection, our design consultants at Design Tiles will definitely help you achieve the look you want for the best price possibleand not compromise on quality.

If there is only a relatively small difference in the final cost, it is worth paying that little bit more to get what you want.