Playing with Colour and Contrast: Give Your Bathroom a Fun Character

A bathroom is a special place in a household, a sort of a shrine in its own right dedicated to inner peace, serenity, and positivity. There is nothing quite like coming home from a long day and soaking in the aroma of bath salts and the tender caress of the bubbles as you wash away the stress of the outside world. So naturally, you want your bathroom to evoke certain emotions, to be welcoming and beautiful.

Here is how you can play with colour and contrast to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom to new heights!

Play around with matching bathroom accessories

Beauty lies in the details, and no matter how small bathroom accessories may be, they will play a key role in your overall bathroom design. Things like soap dishes, soap and tissue dispensers, toothbrush holders, etc. should contrast the countertop below, or even the entire bathroom.

Consider subtle hues that give variety to the setting yet do not disrupt the peaceful nature of the ambiance – there’s a time and place to go all out with colours, but accessories should be subtle. Fortunately, you can find these and many more items in numerous colours and designs at your local home centre, so let your inner decorator run free.

Go wild with the shower curtain

If you have a shower, the best thing you can do is to go all out with the curtain and introduce colourful designs and patterns into your bathroom. You can find almost every possible design online easily, just keep in mind that contrasts as well as matching colours serve as complementary elements – even if they are deconstructing or challenging the base design.

So if you’re trying to create a peaceful setting, a machete-wielding maniac on your shower curtain might not be the best option after all. Instead, look for designs resembling watercolour paintings, animals, nature, etc.

Create a focal point

One of the best ways to make a statement with your bathroom design is to create a strong focal point that portrays a story, evokes certain emotions, and aligns with your personality. To this end, you want to add colour and contrast.

For instance, painting the far wall in black or dark wood hues, and adding a stunning freestanding bath at its base is a perfect way to create a focal point, while letting the rest of the room breathe. Be sure to complement the bathtub with the aforementioned accessories, and you’ll have a unique-looking bathroom!

Add cabinets in contrasting hues

Another way to bring the envisioned ambiance to life is to change the colour of your cabinets to contrast the focal wall, and other walls around the room as well. These should be light hues, soft, such as pastel aqua, mauve, watermelon red, or even deep blue green.

Introducing such soft colours will frame the room and bring positivity and intimacy, without making it feel suffocated or small. In fact, by adding light hues near the walls you will make the bathroom feel more spacious than before.

Complement with flowers and greenery

Finally, you want to add the cherry on top of your beautiful bathroom design in the form of flowers and greenery. Potted plants work wonderfully next to the bathtub and in the corners of the bathroom, while colourful flower arrangements bring some much-needed variety to the windows and the vanity.

You can pick and choose your favourite vase designs, but you can never go wrong with transparent glass, or colour schemes complementing the soft hues of the cabinets and accessories around the room.

The bathroom should be your personal oasis imbued with peace, positivity, and timeless aesthetic appeal. Use these essential design tips to transform your bathroom and bring its fun personality to life.

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.