Special Packages For Bathroom, Kitchen and Home Renovation

Thinking about renovating your bathroom and kitchen… Design Tiles team is there to make your dreams to a reality. We have a huge number of happy customers who have had their bathroom and kitchen renovation dreams come to life.

As we all know that the bathroom is a key part of the house. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms area everyday. Whether you are building a brand new bathroom or renovating your bathroom, it should make you feel good. At first, the planning is a key part of the bathroom renovation to create a good feeling and memorable space. Also, choosing your perfect style of bathroom is another key aspect of the bathroom renovation. Budget estimation and tile selection takes place and is an important key role in any kind of renovations.

Our team is highly experienced with addressing these challenges, we provide a service to our customer for bathroom and kitchen renovations successfully from 21 years. . We have a team of highly qualified senior designers to sort out all these issues to make the bathroom and kitchen renovation process easy from start to end. Need help.. just book your appointment for free consultation or call us on 02 9567 8971.

See our tiles and bathroomware complete package below.

Popular styles for bathroom renovation

Contemporary style of bathroom

Most popular of all bathroom styles. These bathrooms feature an open space feel.

Focusing on quality and beautiful, modern tiles and bathroom ware. Easy to clean, durable surfaces and fuss-free environment.

Modern style of bathroom

These bathrooms are crisp and clean along with sparse and minimally appointed.

Also, one of the popular bathroom styles in Australia. It also features bold colours and chrome accents as well as high contrast elements.

Thinking about renovating your kitchen?

There are several aspects we need to consider whether you are searching for kitchen renovation ideas for small or large kitchen. Perhaps you may have seen some of the popular kitchens which are in trend nowadays. Simple change like changing your backsplash can create a fantastic, refresh and rejuvenate at very little expense.

Whether you are planning a home renovation or currently renovating, the team here at Design Tiles can help you with your renovation tips and ideas for your kitchen, bathroom and entire projects.

For more bathroom and kitchen renovation ideas, see our completed projects HERE

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