Pool tiles are made of recycled glass. This is why pool tiles are 100% eco-friendly. Installing a swimming pool and other water structures can be quite a hassle, so it’s important to know how to choose and install glass pool mosaic tiles that will last for years.

Glass pool tiles are virtually non-reactive, which makes them long-lasting. The tiles are also virtually waterproof. They also resist fire, heat, and even ultraviolet rays.

Removing calcium deposits or cleaning pool tiles

When installing pool tiles, it is necessary to know how to clean calcium deposits from the surface of the tiles. You must remove these deposits, otherwise they will build up over time and make your structure unstable. Calcium carbonate, otherwise known as “blue slate”, is the most common mineral deposit found around pools.

This is due to the constant exposure to sunlight, rain, and melting snow that constantly forms around the pool water. As long as you keep the pH levels of the pool water at a desirable 7.0 or less, calcium deposits will not build up on the glass mosaic pool tiles.

When trying to remove hard water stains from the pool tiles, you should first use muriatic acid mixture to help get rid of the stain. Then, you can rinse with clean water.

Before removing the area that needs to be rinsed off, you may want to try applying a protective sealant to prevent future hard water stains and deterioration of the pool tiles.