Peppa Tiles Range in Sydney


Peppa tile is a suitable choice for various purposes such as bathroom floors and walls, feature walls, commercial walls and floors etc. Peppa provides greater stain and water resistance as well. Also, it is suitable for designing of colourful looks of floor and wall. Peppa range can be used for all areas of home including wet areas. This is one of the best selling tiles made in Australia.

In addition, Peppa tiles does not require sealing and has slip rating of P4.

Widely used for pattern and decoration

Design Tiles has a wide range of latest Antique & Decorative Patterned tiles. Available in different sizes, colours and finishes will add extra outstanding look for spaces. Have a look in our Rockdale Showroom at 407 Princes Highway Rockdale NSW 2216 (Design Tiles). Also, Peppa tiles could be a great alternative for those who wants to have the look and feel of Cement Encaustic tiles. Peppa tiles series are Australian porcelain tiles with no sealing results in an good option for cost effective and maintenance free tiling. Not only cost effective, Peppa tile series can be also used on decorative feature walls, as well as outdoor applications. Once again, these wall and floor pattern tiles require no sealing as they are all fired glazed products.


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