Pool Coping Tiles Sydney

Pool coping is made of a combination of concrete and natural stone. The stone used for this purpose is usually marble, onyx or slate. The main use of pool coping tiles is to reduce the impact of any body of water on the surrounding area around it. They provide a smooth surface for walking, play equipment and pool accessories. Tiles used for coping are available in a large variety, designed for a specific need and application.


Travertine Tiles possesses the largest range of 200mm wide bullnose pool coping tiles, ideal for almost any sort and size swimming pool surrounding. The tile is made of calcium carbonate, onyx or quartz composition. The stone has been widely used in homes for its attractive texture and long-lasting durability. These tiles have a soft feel when walking on but can be very hard and scratchy when wet.

Silver Travertine Natural Stone Paver

Onyx Tiles is perhaps one of the most sought after tiles in the market. It possesses unique features that make it so attractive. It has a creamy white appearance with black streaks and markings that give it a rustic look. One of the common uses of the onyx pool coping tiles is for driveways and walkways around the pool area. The use of onyx makes the area of slippery for children and elderly people.


Granite Pool Coping Tiles is ideal material for pool coping because of their ability to resist high temperatures, stains, grease and pool debris. They are resistant to heat, mildew, corrosion and algae. They can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall and strong winds. Installing the granite pool coping tiles requires an expert installer so if you’re not that good at tiling then you should think twice before going ahead with the installation.


Granite pool coping tiles can also be used for patio swimming pool floor. Its unique water resistant property protects the floor from any kind of leaks or spills. If you want to add a creative element to your pool-coping then you should consider using colored pool coping tiles that can be eye catching. Colored pool-coping tiles can come in different colors like red, blue, yellow, green, gray, purple, orange and many more. These tiles can be installed along the swimming pool edge as well as pool coping’s edge.


Deciding on which material to go for is important but also depends on the budget that you have available for the project. If you have limited budget then you can opt for granite paver and concrete pavers. However, if your budget is higher than this then you might consider using the traditional paper for your pool coping. While making the decision of how to install your pool coping, make sure that you don’t compromise on either the quality or the durability of the material. After all it’s going to be used daily so you should go for a durable yet elegant piece of material.