Australian Made Tiles

If you are looking for the Australian made tiles that have the exquisite texture and rich coloring of Australian terracotta then look no further. These tiles come from clay that is taken from the Australian deserts.

The rich coloring and texture of Australian tiles come from the sand that is taken from the outback region. Hand made terracotta tiles are also available in a wide array of colors and styles, to suit your home’s interior decor. These perfectly blend vintage style with strong contemporary colors which can range from light to darker tones, for either a clean, welcoming appearance or a more modern, minimalististic look.

Aussie made tiles are suitable for use on both the internal and the external floor, wall and countertop furniture. Australian flooring tiles can be used as parquet flooring and for the flooring of the land or poolside porch.

They are perfect for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Aussie wall tiles can be used to create an interesting geometric pattern or they can be used as a bold accent wall, particularly in the living room. Australian hand painted wall tiles can also be used as a colorful accent on the walls or as a wallpaper design on the windows.

Australian built tiles are easily available to shop online in our website, where you can choose from a variety of tiles flooring, wall tiles, bathroom flooring, floor and wall tiles. You can also order these Australian made products with ease through online ordering. These tiles will make your home look like it was custom built right in front of you. Australian built wall tiles, flooring and furniture will help you design your dream Australian home.