Autumn Travertine Natural Stone Paver

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    Travertine Pavers are a durable and elegant choice of flooring for both interiors and exteriors. Its marble-like texture and range of naturally occurring earth tones sees it holding its popularity as a building material year after year.

    As a highly durable stone, travertine can be easier to care for than other varieties of natural stone. Its aesthetics combined with its long-lasting qualities positions it as a leading choice for pool paving, outdoor landscaping, outdoor entertaining areas, decks and courtyards.

    Formed by nature, each paver is its own work of art, inherently unique in its design and aesthetic. If you’re looking for a choice that’s subtler than marble or granite while still providing a rich sense of elegance and ease, travertine’s the material for you.

    Long-Lasting And Timeless

    The Autumn Travertine Pavers come in a light to medium blend with minimal holes, resulting in a classic travertine appearance across its unfilled and tumbled surface. If you’re looking to add texture and interest, while maintaining a lighter colour palette, Autumn Travertine Pavers are the perfect choice for a long-lasting and timeless flooring material.

    Aged, Antique Tone And Feel

    The tumbled classification brings with it an aged, antique look that provides solid traction underfoot and which can be sealed to protect against stains or spill damage. The palette of Autumn Travertine makes it a beautiful contender for pool coping, bringing a calm and textured ambience to contrast against the fresh, blue water tones.

    For a paver that will bring your indoor or outdoor space to life, Autumn Travertine will deliver above and beyond, bringing quality and a rich aesthetic finish to your space for decades to come.

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