Bianca Perla Natural Marble Tile

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    Marble is a beautiful and durable decorative material that is very popular because of its pliability and varied colouration. This natural stone is formed as a result of a process in the Earth’s crust, when the structure of limestone is changed due to certain physical and chemical conditions. This wonderful process is what causes the unique combination of natural swirls and colours that is visible in several types of marble.

    Those seeking quality marble tile, to brighten their living areas, kitchens or bathrooms, will be delighted by our product selection at Art.

    These tiles are ideal for living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms since they are easy to keep clean and are perfect for high traffic areas. Also, since they are water-resistant, it is the perfect tile to use in areas where water is present on a regular basis – such as the kitchen and bathroom. They are also bacteria-resistant, which is a great advantage for kitchen applications.

    The colour of natural marble maybe snow white and milky, adding a modern touch to your home’s interior, or you may also find it in grey and green hues, with variegated patterns and fancy inclusions, covering almost the entire colour range.


    We recommend sealing all natural stone products with aqua seal gold

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