Classic Travertine Tumbled Natural Stone Tile

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    Travertine is a beautiful and hard-wearing building material that has been used for construction purposes since the ancient times. For example, the famous Colosseum in Rome was built from travertine, along with various other materials. Due to the solidity of travertine, and the mixture of other building materials, the Colosseum is still standing to this day! Nowadays, travertine is popular for its durability, as well as its beauty – available in a variety of colours and finishes. At Design Tiles, we supply magnificently crafted travertine tile options, sourced and manufactured in Turkey.

    Travertine is one of the most used natural minerals today and is commonly used for external paving, façades decoration, wall cladding, and internal flooring. Travertine provides complete thermal insulation and soundproofing – making it the perfect stone tile option for indoor floors and walls; while its toughness makes it suitable for outdoor use and decoration. The colour of our travertine tile selection varies from white to deep brown and even bright red

    Tumbled Travertine

    We recommend sealing all natural stone products with aqua seal gold

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    1 review for Classic Travertine Tumbled Natural Stone Tile

    1. Jenna

      The quality of this stone is really outstanding and the sales staff at design tiles really know there stuff! I wanted stone but wasn’t sure what to use or how to care for it, the team guided me through the process of care of the stone and they look so good! Love my back yard the stone is so rustic and looks beautiful in my outdoor space

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