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    Enhance N Seal is a 100% Actives, premium, penetrating, no sheen sealer & colour enhancer. For maximum stain resistance and to enhance, darken, highlight & rejuvenate colour. Non-Flammable, Non-Yellowing and UV Resistant. Can be used as a pre-grouting sealer. Breathable – Allows Moisture Vapour Transmission (MVT). Reduces Freeze/Thaw Damage, Spalling & Efflorescence. Inhibits Mould & Mildew growth. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas. Safe for food preparation areas.

    USE: For porous and unsealed surfaces e.g. all natural stone like basalt, bluestone, granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate, travertine etc plus porcelain tiles, encaustic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, pavers, saltillo, grout and other surfaces where an enhanced look and maximum stain and water resistance is required.


    • Darkens – Enhances – Highlights & Rejuvenates Colour;
    • Maximum Stain Resistance Against Oil, Food and Grime;
    • Reduces Freeze/Thaw Damage, Spalling and Efflorescence;
    • Latest State of the Art Poly Seal Technology – 100% Active Solids;
    • UV Resistant – Non Flammable – Inhibits Algae, Mould and Mildew;
    • For Wall, Floor, Interior, Exterior, Domestic & Commercial Applications.

    Uses for
    Heavy duty cleaning & degreasing of all natural stone like basalt, bluestone, granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate, travertine etc plus porcelain tiles, encaustic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, pavers, saltillo, grout and other surfaces.

    Sweep, vacuum or wipe surface;
    Apply sealer to clean, dry surface using a sealer applicator, sealer sponge, brush, paint roller or paint pad;
    Ensure even coat & coverage then work product in thoroughly;
    After 5-10 minutes, wipe the surface COMPLETELY DRY with absorbent paper or cotton towels to remove any excess;
    Repeat this process for each application;

    For vertical surfaces apply bottom to top and avoid rundown;
    Porous surfaces will require additional coats. If 2 or more coats are required, allow minimum 30 minutes between coats;
    2 hours after the final coat, conduct a test to determine if the surface is properly sealed. Apply a few water droplets to the surface. If the water is easily absorbed then apply an additional coat of sealer. Wait 2 hours and repeat the test.
    The surface is ready for light traffic after 2 hours. Keep dry for minimum 24 hours. Full cure in minimum 24 hours.

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