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Once upon a time, in a land called New York City, one of America’s favorite design elements was born. And that stylish piece of 1904-history is the subway tile. The subway tile was first seen in a New York subway station and quickly made its way into kitchens and bathrooms across the country.

And now with its sleek, easy-to-clean design, it’s no surprise that the trend is still going strong today worldwide. This simple, streamlined tile that, even after 100 years, is only gaining in popularity!

subway tiles have been a popular choice in wet room construction for decades, even though they are very tough to install even when they are installed by a professional. Wet room flooring is one of the most expensive types of flooring available and this type of flooring is usually the first choice for high end commercial clients.

Many well known brands offer subway tiles for bathroom and kitchen flooring and subway tiles for kitchen splashbacks are also very popular in residential applications. The strength of subway tiles in comparison with other types of flooring materials is unmatched and they are a popular choice for both the interior and exterior application.

Subway tiles come in many shapes, sizes, textures and colours! There is an abundance and we have it all! Pop into our showroom to see our wide range of subway tiles at affordable prices! For latest trends of subway tiles, follow us on Instagram.


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Subway tiles for bathroom and kitchen walls

Aesthetically speaking, subway tiles for the kitchen are one of the more interesting uses for this type of flooring material as they often represent contemporary styling. Kitchen tile is especially popular in Australia, where a growing number of house-building companies are opting for custom made stone tiles that compliment the existing decor of the homes.

In the Australia however, subway tiles are becoming increasingly popular for use in both the kitchen and bathrooms. As home design trends have changed over the years, the use of subway tile for either the kitchen or bathroom has increased dramatically.

Subway tiles for the bathroom and kitchens come with a wide range of unique characteristics, such as being resistant to water resistance, non slip, rectified and non-rectified. When using subway tiles for the bathroom or kitchen, the tiles can be cut to fit the contour of the area and then be placed on top of a waterproof sub floor, which helps to ensure that the tiles do not rot.


One of the most popular subway tiles for use in both the kitchen and bathroom is the use of the popular white ceramic or porcelain tiles. These subway tiles come in a wide range of different colors and designs, including traditional black and white subway tiles with subtle gradient patterns, classic white subway tiles with small diamonds and of course, the popular white tiles with small white dots.

The white subway tiles provide a contemporary look which is extremely popular in homes across the world. Due to their beauty and resistance to water and stains subway tiles remain a popular choice with those looking to renovate their homes.