Terrazzo Tile

What is terrazzo tile?

Unlike other types of stone flooring, terrazzo tiles are made from recycled materials. Many terrazzo tile are comprised of aggregates from other products, such as glass, marble, and porcelain. This material is also eco-friendly, since it is made using scraps from other projects. Because of this, terrazzo is a great option for any type of room, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Although terrazzo has its pros and cons, it is an excellent choice for your home.

Its unique composition means it is unique, and this makes terrazzo a beautiful choice for your home. A single tile may look similar to two or three tiles in size, but the appearance of a terrazzo floor will vary. A contrasting color will give your room a unique and bold look, and it will add texture to your room. However, the difference between terrazzo tile and a ceramic or glass tile lies in the composition of each piece.

Are terrazzo tiles good?

Terazzo tile is an excellent choice for homes and offices. Even if you do not have the experience of building a terrazzo floor, terrazzo tiles are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. In addition, terrazzo has exemplary sustainability credentials. When it was first created in Italy in the 15 th century, it was the world’s first green floor covering material. This makes it a great choice for any interior or exterior space.

Its durability makes terrazzo a good choice for indoor and outdoor use. These tiles are highly resistant to moisture and are durable. They are ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. You can also install terrazzo countertops in these rooms. You can choose the shape and color of the countertop to match the decor. They are also available in a wide range of colors. You can find the right tiles for your home with a terrazzo design that meets your needs.

In addition to its durability, terrazzo is an excellent choice for flooring. It is water-resistant and is great for use in bathrooms and high-traffic areas. Because terrazzo is water-resistant, terrazzo tile is a popular choice for swimming pool floors. Depending on the size of the room you have, terrazzo tiles can be placed on the floor to create a contemporary or elegant atmosphere. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, you can choose to buy a smaller piece to finish off a floor in a larger space. To see look of tile in a specific room, see in our tile visualizer.

Is terrazzo tile outdated?

Terrazzo tile is never outdated and always on trending. Apart from traditional flooring options, terrazzo is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. This material is lighter than other tiles and is ideal for multi-level installations. As a result, terrazzo is a great choice in a variety of settings, from homes to large office buildings. Its timeless charm is a great choice for both public and private spaces. It has an incredible history, which makes it a popular decorative surface.

Terrazzo can be easily cleaned with a neutral cleaner. While a traditional terrazzo floor can get stained easily, terrazzo is easier to clean and won’t harm the floor. A neutral cleaner will not affect the terrazzo flooring. Just keep in mind that the repair will require some measuring and math. You can find out which tiles are compatible with a specific area and compare them to the rest of the floor. The same applies to your terrazzo tile.

What is the difference between natural terrazzo and terrazzo tiles?

Natural terrazzo are more durable than porcelain terrazzo tile. Also, Natural terrazzo are expensice in comparison to the porcelain terrazzo tile. Both are easy to clean, however, natural terrazzo tiles require more care than porcelain terrazzo tile. If you are on budget and want to get the similar look of natural terrazzo without any hasstle then porcelain terrazzo tiles are always a great option.

How do you install terrazzo?

When installing terrazzo, it is important to consider how it will fit into the room’s style. The material should look stylish and chic, not like a shabby 80s movie prop. If you’re not sure what type of terrazzo tile you want, there are many options and we are there for help to choose design and tile that best suitable for your space. You can build a terrazzo countertop from scratch to create a unique pattern.

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Tuscan Italian Style Large Format Terrazzo Tile 


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Architectural Range Large Chip white


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Architectural Range Dalmation Black