How do I calculate square metre’s?

Multiply the room’s length and width in meters, you calculate its area using the formula length × width = area. If the room is 4 meters long and 3 meters wide, its area is 4 meters × 3 meters = 12 square meters.

Design Tiles always recommend ordering an additional 10-15% ontop of your order to allow for wastage. This is because some rooms will be designed in complex forms such as boxes which hide pipework, feature alcoves in the shower area, hallways etc.

Some rooms will require more cuts which generally means more wastage. Always confirm your quantities with your builder or tiler before proceeding with your order.

Also, if you are purchasing tiles that are discontinued or on clearance its always worth buying extra as that tile, or batch of tiles may no longer be available from the manufacturer if you need to cover wastage.

We recommend booking a design appointment so our team can wholeheartedly dedicate one on one time with you for your project.

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This grout calculator is an extremely simple to use tool and a useful aid in estimating the amount of product required

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At Design Tiles we offer a free in-store design consultation or a face-time call with a senior design consultant.

Your consultation will take place in our showroom, Sydney’s latest premier tile retail showroom.

Here in the showroom you will have exclusive access to our full range and take in the tactile experience and be guided step by step through your plans and project.

During this consultation your designer will put together your exclusive flat lay and complete tile selections based on your plans and design.

A very exciting space and a very exciting experience, book your free 1 hour in-store consultation today.

We have our own team of commercial tilers for our commercial division.

However, we can recommend a tiler from the Sydney metropolitan area for you.

Please call our office on (02) 9567 8971 and speak to a friendly team member today.

We do not ship to overseas.

For shipping interstate prices, please email us your request to sales@designtiles.com.au and allow 48 hours for a team member to get back to you.

We require a delivery address and quantity of order to generate a quote for you.

We can arrange delivery to interstate via a range of reputable national courier companies.

When you place an order here at Design Tiles, our team will always check to see if the tiles you selected are in stock.

If your tiles are in stock they usually take arond 2-4 days or within the week to get delivered to our showroom from our suppliers warehouse.

Tiles can be delivered to site within a week to two weeks of ordering subject to stock check and availability.

If your tiles are not in stock – we will advise of the ETA estimated time of delivery.

We outsource transport and courier companies at additional charges to deliver your tiles.

Your tiles will be delivered on a pallet.

It is strictly crane off from kerb side only.

We do not hand unload pallets nor take tiles inside or upstairs.

Please make sure you engage with your builder or tiler to help you take your tiles inside on the day of your delivery.

Returns will not be accepted on discontinued, sale items or commercial quality products. All returns must be accompanied with the original invoice.

A request for returns must be made in writing to richa@designtiles.com.au within 7-14 days of the invoice date subject to supplier’s confirmation of the same batch.

Refunds will be paid within 30 days from date of confirmation of refund by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only.

All returned boxes of tiles must be in good condition dry and undamaged so that the supplier can put back into their inventory.

A 25% handling fee of the purchase price applies to all returns.

All goods must be returned within 14 days direct to the supplier’s warehouse. For the return of goods to be accepted, the supplier must approve that they have the same batch and tone to accept.

Returns will ONLY be accepted if they are returned in the same condition. Boxes should be unopened and damaged. Returns of less than 3m2 are not accepted.

Yes, our qualified team of designers can match your silicone and grout to your tile

Any shortage, damage’s or breakages must be notified in writing via email to richa@designtiles.com.au with pictures of damaged product within 48 hours of delivery.

Claims cannot be recognised after goods have been installed.

100 x 100mm
200 x 300 mm
150 x 300 mm
75x 150 mm
900 x 1800 mm
100 x 200 mm
300 x 300 mm
300 x 600 mm
600 x 600 mm
450 x 900 mm
800 x 800 mm
900 x 900 mm
600 x 1200 mm
1200 x 2400 mm
750 x 1500 mm

Most porcelain tiles are around 8 to 10 mil thick

Natural stone is a popular material to use in the bathroom or externally due to its ability to add instant visual impact and its dense material.

Natural stone in any area and in your wet area will require sealing. This will depend on the stone/marble you choose. We recommend using a high quality penetrating sealing.

We recommend > The Aqua Seal Gold + sealer

Stone and Marble have great benefits such as being re-honed and re-polished to bring it back to life, as natural stone ages, wears and dulls over time.

Yes, All natural needs to be sealed after you lay but before grouting. Read our blog for more information on how to seal your tiles

> https://www.designtiles.com.au/10-easy-steps-to-sealing-outdoor-tiles/

We all know that natural products such as stone, marble and timber do require sealing but do porcelain tiles? The answer is no, you do not need to seal your porcelain tile.

Porcelain tiles are hard, dense and often have a smooth surface which makes the application of surface sealers almost impossible to penetrate through the tiles as porcelain tiles are non absorbent.

We recommend using porcelain as it is more hard wearing, durable and dense product. Ceramics tiles are typically softer and less resistant to wear, while porcelain and stone tiles are generally very dense and extremely durable on the floor.

Yes, what ever tile you use on your floor can be used on your walls.

Rectified – A rectified tile is a tile that, in its production, has been finished so that all sides are exactly the same size, making the tile uniformed with precision. So the tile has a square edge and not a cushion edge.

This allows for a minimum grout joint to make the floor appear as one large tiled area. In doing this, the tiles require less grout. Rectified tiles add a modern feel to a room.

Rectified tiles have no shadowing, walls look more panelled. The benefit of rectified tiles is that they may be laid closer together, with as little as a 1.5mm, to create a nearly seamless look.

Non Rectified – Also known as a cushion edge, pillow edge or soft edge. The edges are less sharp, which may be desirable in a more casual, natural-looking installation. They are less likely to show imperfections, including lapping or other uneven spots, due to the wider grout lines

Yes, of course we can help. You can search for tiles in our products section on our website. Here you will find categories which will help you understand what tiles will work for your area

Or take advantage of our free design service, simply walk in or contact one of our experience and qualified design staff to carefully guide you through a variety of exciting options.

We take the stress out of selecting tiles, with so much knowledge and advise available to answer and provide you with a complete comprehensive experience.

Sometimes a tile may be on display but not stocked in Australia so we can actually have it imported for you as a special order, some clients like the idea of having a tile that no one else has.

These tiles require 8-12 weeks for delivery subject to whether they are from Spain or Italy, Asia 4-6 weeks.

When ordering indent note that there are no returns or refunds.

See guides for cleaning tiles based on product type.

Tile care and cleaning guides