How do I calculate square metre’s?

Multiply the room’s length and width in meters, you calculate its area using the formula length × width = area. If the room is 4 meters long and 3 meters wide, its area is 4 meters × 3 meters = 12 square meters.

Design Tiles always recommend ordering an additional 10-15% ontop of your order to allow for wastage. This is because some rooms will be designed in complex forms such as boxes which hide pipework, feature alcoves in the shower area, hallways etc.

Some rooms will require more cuts which generally means more wastage. Always confirm your quantities with your builder or tiler before proceeding with your order.

Also, if you are purchasing tiles that are discontinued or on clearance its always worth buying extra as that tile, or batch of tiles may no longer be available from the manufacturer if you need to cover wastage.

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This grout calculator is an extremely simple to use tool and a useful aid in estimating the amount of product required

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