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Design Tiles has Commercial Project division as a separate tiling company which consists of a large team of experienced fixing tilers & trades people that assure an excellent service for a wide variety of projects.


We have over 22+ years of experience in the tiling industry.

Our tilers are qualified to lay a wide range of tiles including porcelain, slabs, ceramic, mosaics, natural stone, stone panels, claddings, mechanically fixed stone, concrete and stone polishing.

We understand that there are a number of factors that go towards achieving the complete commercial refurbishment package from tender stage to final handover.

We believe our exceptional service can ensure the highest level of quality of work is presented.

Our team can tender all documentation to all factors of satisfaction at any professional level.

Our Commercial Tiling Services

1. Technical advice in relation to product selection.

Each product suggested by us and our technical assistance team will provide the installation of the product the best and most durable method of installation. We have two engineers working in our admin team that go beyond to suggest and study each case to avoid any installation or final installation result issues.

2. Frequent consultation with the builder and architect on specific aspects of each project.

Communication is the key to success off any project. Our commercial team go above and beyond to ensure that no details are left unspoken which might have severe undesired consequences.

3. Individual advice on site obstacles in order to achieve your desired results.

Each project has specific requirements and we are ready to assist the final client, architect, builder and project manager to come up with the best strategy to get the project over the line considering all factors of the project.

4. Design Tiles will allocate a Project Supervisor to oversee all aspects of the renovation.

Projects change daily, and having a supervisor with over 20 years’ experience constantly following all changes and adaptations of a project will assist your builder in managing his trades and the proposed works.

5. Refurbishments.

Tired of your home, office or rental unit, and want to take to a step further without having to relocate ? We are ready to give your space a brand new look and feel without you having to change locations. This our bread and butter and we take pride in the breath grasping result we get from the clients in the end of each project.

6. Tiling.

Our passion and most beautiful work. Please see our gallery showcasing the numerous types of tiles to different project, ranging from mosaics, to ceramic and porcelain walls and floor tiling, to large format porcelain panels.

7. Stone Pin fixing.

We work with other trades to make sure that whichever characteristics your project has, they are compliant with the most up-to-date legislation and will not put any of the installers or future occupants in any risk.

8. Waterproofing services.

Our tiling team have a number of NSW certified water proofers that will certify your installation for you to have piece of mind for the future and ensure that all the work done to get your project over the finish line does not get affected by water damage or leakage.

9. Rendering.

The substrate (base) on which the tiles are installed is as important as the workmanship on installing the tiles, mosaics or natural stone. Our experienced tilers are of the highest workmanship but cannot bend ceramic, porcelain or natural stone to fit the substrate in which they are installed on. We provide the new flush and straight finish to your wall to make sure that the tiles installed are of the upmost quality of installation, and achieve the desired look you have worked hard to achieve.


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Projects Manager/ Engineering Technologist