Terrazzo Look Tiles

Terrazzo is one of the most sought after tile flooring materials because of its unique and elegant look. It gives your room an exclusive and beautiful look and can be made into any pattern and size you desire. However, terrazzo look tiles are not as easy to install as other types of tiles, as it requires a good amount of work and expertise to install terrazzo look tiles correctly. In order to know how to install terrazzo look tiles correctly, it is important to have a better understanding of terrazzo itself and how it is installed.

The major components of terrazzo are cement, aggregate, marble or limestone, water, colorant, and stain. Each of these are mixed with a specific terrazzo solution, which gives the terrazzo the texture you see.

Terrazzo is created by breaking down rock or concrete in the quarries and blending them together to form large slabs. These large pieces are then cut into smaller pieces and spread across a field or floor to create the patterned, colored, and textured terrazzo look tiles that you see in many modern and classic bathrooms today.

Why terrazzo look tiles for wall and floor bathroom, kitchen or outdoor areas?

Due to the high quality and durability of the terrazzo, they can be used for bathrooms, kitchen, swimming pools, and even outdoors.

The process of manufacturing the terrazzo look tiles is quite labor intensive. For example, marble, granite, and lime stones must all be prepared at different temperatures and in different amounts, which make it extremely difficult for manufacturing companies to get an identical product in every batch.

As a result, the final products may vary slightly from one area to another. In addition to being labor intensive, it is also more expensive. Although prices have significantly decreased over the past few years due to new technology, still most products are priced well above $100 per m2.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to create an elegant, custom look in your bathroom that’s not available in your local stores, there are numerous products online that are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need and want.