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5 Things I Wish I Knew, Before Buying Tiles

Measure twice, buy once!
Ideally tiles from different batches or shades should not be layed together, this is why we always recommend ordering 10-15% extra. Always check that the cartons have the same batch codes and tonal numbers.
Consider the grout!
Keep in mind your grout colour and thickness as the grout will either emphasise or de-emphasise your tiles shade or pattern. Our expert design consultants can guide you with the right grout selections for your project. We have many colours to choose from @mapeiaustralia available instore or online.
Choose the right kind of tiles
Always consider what suits you and your lifestyle. Natural stone requires more maintenance while porcelain tiles require no sealing or maintenance.
Always seal your natural stone
Stone is naturally a porous material and can absorb bacteria, food particles and liquids. Sealing helps protect the surface. We recommend using @sealersplus for all your natural stone sealing! Available in store or online.
Use an experienced tiler
Reputation is an important aspect when it comes to hiring a tiler or any other trade.  Always ask essential questions about your tile installation to gain practice knowledge and get an overview of the tilers capability. Ensure your tiler has the experience, certification and credentials who can commit to the timeframe in which the job needs to be done. And lastly communication is key! Always communicate with your tiler about what You want, for instance; if you want to use a large format tile on the floors and walls in a small space, make sure he is well aware before the installation.

We hope this little guide has helped you! ✨

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