Packages For Bathroom Renovation

Packages For Bathroom Renovation4

If you are looking for tiles and bathroomware packages for your bathroom renovation, Design Tiles have done the hard work for you by creating packages for a more easier solution to your bathroom reno. Packages For Bathroom Renovation starting from $478. The price range are from cheaper to luxurious bathroom accessories. The package includes all the general bathroomware accessories either for renovation or a brand new build.

Our Builder’s Package
($1657) is the most popular package as it is affordable and widely used for bathroom renovation’s. This package includes the following bathroom accessories:

  • A omega white floor mount cabinet
  • Omega ceramic vanity top
  • Popup waste with overflow
  • Spin round in wall and basin mixture
  • UNICA wall faced toilet
  • Omega toilet roll holder, single towel rail and robe hook
  • Tempered glass panel and two glass chips
  • Shower elbow round with cover plate
  • Spin razor hand shower plus sliding rail
  • LIDO tile grate s/steel with outlet

Packages For Bathroom Renovation


Another affordable luxurious bathroom package is our Spin brass package which costs $5028. It is also available in a Chrome package at $4698 and Matte black package at $4893. The Spin brass package is one of our most loved bathroom accessories complete package which includes following bathroom items:

  • Spin tall basin mixer
  • Two spin in wall mixer
  • Omega round shower rail
  • Monsoon round shower head
  • Eden hand shower
  • Spin bath wall spout
  • Plug and waste
  • Two lido tile grate
  • Three glass chips
  • Framless glass panel 900 mm
  • Lucini free standing bath
  • Spin toilet roll holder
  • Spin towel rail
  • Ollie wall faces rimless toilet
  • Jones and Jones blackbutt timber vanity 900mm
  • Eden thin edge bench mount basin and
  • Reflekta LED pencil edge mirror 700mm


Packages For Bathroom Renovation

Our packages for bathroom renovation is the complete bathroom makeover to suit any budget or bathroom size.

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Get the Industrial look using concrete look tiles!

Get the Industrial look using concrete look tiles!

With the enhancement of technology, polished concrete look tiles are replacing polished concrete flooring. Concrete look tiles have a number of advantages over polished concrete floor’s. Some major benefits include;

– Pet friendly – easy to clean up accidents and odour
– Durable and hard wearing
– Non porous
– No maintenance
– No sealing
– Hygienic
– Moisture Resistant
– Odour Resistent
– Cost Effective

Design Tiles have an extensive range of concrete-look porcelain tiles starting from as little as $19.90m2. We have a variety of concrete look tiles to choose from ranging to suit any budget. If you are looking for the perfect blend of subtleness and character to give your home look no further than Design Tiles.

Here are a few of our favourite industrial look porcelain tiles:

The Kosmos range boasts of a contemporary concrete look and feel. It has the perfect blend of subtleness and character to create a high-end finish in any space of your home, whether internal or external. Our Kosmos Series is available in 4 colours: White, Ivory, Beige and Light Grey. Available in Matt, External and Lappato (semi polished) finish. Our Kosmos comes in a range of sizes starting from 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 450x900mm (Beige and Light Grey) and 900x900mm (Light Grey Only).

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Get the Industrial look using concrete look tiles!

Get the Industrial look using concrete look tiles4

Another favourite concrete look porcelain tile is our Beton Series. The Beton will bring that industrial lure to your space with the raw delicacy of this polished concrete look tile. This range flaunts every unique detail recreating what was once considered flaws, to be a gorgeous statement.  Our Beton series is available in four colours: Bianco, Light grey, Dark grey and Charcoal. Due to it’s versatility, it can be used on both floors and walls internally and externally giving your space that indoor/outdoor feel. The Beton is available in multiple sizes including in 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm and 450x900mm.

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Nood Co – A new consciousness in concrete is here


We are so excited to announce the launch of Nood Co basins at Design Tiles!

Choose by shape, feel, colour or mood! Nood Co concrete sinks and vanities are the perfect finishing touch and splash of colour into your space! Form and function are equal contenders in this extensive range of handmade coloured concrete basins.

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Nood Co Banner

Nood Co offers 21 stand designs and 14 colour options, simple install and unrivalled finish, we welcome a new era of concrete to your project. Also, these versatile hand made pieces lifts the mood in any commercial or residential space. Simple to install and plumbing access outmatch only by the quality of design and manufacture.

All frames for the basins feature a sturdy, adjustable beautifully powder coated frame, and a customised concrete tray! Comprised from the finest concrete on the planet and uniquely sealed for real world use, the Nood range of stand basins will surpass all expectations from design to delivery.

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Why Nood Co basin, cylinder and vanity set?

One of the most amazing characteristics of the Nood Co range is the clear focus on reducing the environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future. Sustainable practices are paramount at Nood Co. From prototyping through to delivery, each step in the manufacture process has been modified with a sustainable view.

85% of Nood Co’s concrete composition and packaging material sourced from within Australia, including the finest sand grades and natural admixes, right through to recycled packaging!

A Beautiful bespoke concrete sinks available for every bathroom. All bathroom basins and cylinders of Nood Co made of a zero VOC concrete mixture and food-safe sealing. A zero VOC means it is completely eco-friendly. In addition, the final product waxed in a pure natural beeswax polish, ensuring a 100% non-toxic, safe interaction for the customer. This allows us to have modern concrete basins and cylinders design along with beautiful colour options.

Come and see one of our expert designers to bring your vision to life!


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Natural Stone or Porcelain?

If you’re struggling to decide between choosing natural stone and porcelain, you are not alone! There is a lot to consider when comparing the two, so we’re here to give you a little guidance on the topic!

Natural stone provides soft, natural, organic tones whereas p
orcelain tiles are designed to mimic the look of natural stone!


Porcelain Tile


Natural Stone


First and foremost… cost! 

As you’ve probably noticed, natural stone is a little more expensive than porcelain tiles, and this cost can sometimes extend into the installation of the product too. If you’re building your dream home, then you may want to invest a little more into your tile choices! However if this is simply an investment property, a porcelain option may be a more practical solution for you. 

Let’s consider the aesthetic value… 

Nothing compares to natural stone, am I right? The look, the feel, the natural variation in every piece… it really can’t be matched. In saying this, there are many porcelain options now that mimic the look of natural stone incredibly well. 

Often we have customers who are hesitant to commit to natural stone due to the simple fact that you can’t guarantee exactly what colour batch you’re going to get! However, there are others that believe this inherent variation is part of the beauty of stone (and we agree!). If you’re after very specific colouring, then porcelain might be the best option for you as this is a manufactured product and you know exactly what to expect! 


Maintenance and moisture resistance… 

Natural stone requires sealing, which we recommend doing prior to grouting. The frequency of sealing will depend on where it is laid, i.e. stone that’s laid outdoors under a tree will need more attention than a stone laid on a bathroom floor for instance. It’s always best to speak with an expert when choosing your stone to consider all factors. 

Porcelain, on the other hand, is non-porous and very resilient. This means no sealing or maintenance required only your general cleaning!



AQUA-SEAL GOLD+ is used & trusted by Professionals. Perfect for when you need to make the right sealer choice. Provides Maximum Stain Resistance against oil, food and grime. Inhibits mould and mildew growth. AQUA-SEAL GOLD+ is a below surface, penetrating type, natural look sealer. It is water based and non flammable. This is non yellowing, non coating and UV resistant. It can be used as a pre-grouting sealer to help prevent grout haze and grout staining. 

If you’re still struggling, pop in to see one of our expert and friendly designers to discuss the best option for you!


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6 Brilliant Floor Tile Options To Stylise Your Home

6 Brilliant Floor Tile Options To Stylise Your Home

 Here are 6 of our favourite floor and wall tile options to spice up your home!…. 


Terrazzo tiles bianco 23000

The terrazzo Bianco is a beautiful porcelain tile that replicates the look of terrazzo with  the highlight outline around the large chips which creates a lovely feature on the tile. This beautiful range can be used on any internal floor and wall application.  


Italian Retro Terrazzo Series Grigio

Our beautiful but ever so popular Retro series is a super luxurious Italian porcelain which is available in 4 amazing colours, each feature the most gorgeous terrazzo design! Available in 300×600 and 600×600. This range is currently on sale now for $67.90m2.  


HF21205  (23000) OR ( TIMBERLAND OAK 1000)  

HF21205 timber tile

This gorgeous range of timber tiles replicates the look and feel of timber without the sealing and maintenance. Along with how gorgeous this range is, these timber tiles are durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean and extremely natural looking…what’s not to love?! Natural and timeless with the perfect amount of character and charm.  



Precious Travertine

Our precious series replicates the look of natural stone without the sealing and maintenance. Available in 2 colours and multiple sizes. This range is also available in a Matt and external finish for that indoor/outdoor feel. 



Opera White 600 x 1200

Our OPERA is a soft natural neutral stone look with a timeless look and one of the widely used floor tile. Available in a Matt finish 600×1200. Suitable for internal and external use.



floor tile - HUDSON-CARRARA 


Our Hudson series is available in a 800×800, 600×600 and 300×600 and emulates the Carrara marble perfectly! So if you are on a budget and you love the look of Carrara – look no further than this porcelain option! 

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Outdoor Entertaining Areas 


If you’re thinking of giving your outdoor space some TLC, now is the perfect time to get it all underway! 

In the digital age we live in, we have endless sources of inspo to look at, and often this can get overwhelming… Where do you even start!? Let’s go through some realistic and cost-effective options for tiling your outdoor space in a way that leaves your friends and families in awe… 

Feature tiles 

tropical breeze

Feature tiles don’t need to cost you a lot, and they look beautiful! Use this space to implement a little bit of your personality, and remember, you’re not restricted to the floor space! Use a feature tile on a wall, stairs, or even the front of your outdoor dining or bar  space! 

Timber tiles 

Timberland Oak Chevron TileIf you love timber, but not the sealing and maintenance involved, then why not use a porcelain timber tile!? With technology today, these tiles are super realistic and available in external finishes, which means they can be used for any outdoor space (including your wet areas!). 

Concrete or stone-look tiles 

Precious Travertine
After s
omething a little more subtle? Try a concrete or stone-look tile. Again, a cost-effective option that doesn’t require any sealing or maintenance! A beautiful and timeless option (and nice and easy to keep clean!).

If you need help with the design process, book in a time to see one of our expert designers today!

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