Italian Tiles

Italian tile designs are the most sought after and widely distributed throughout the world. Italian ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and Italian marbles are considered to be one of the most beautiful and at the same time exquisite flooring material for residential and commercial construction. Italian porcelain tile are also used in residential homes for their timeless, elegant design and style that can never go out of fashion.


Italian ceramic tile are available in different thicknesses, designs and shades. Home-decor store that features a large assortment of Italian tile, such as mosaic, porcelain, marble & porcelain. Italian porcelain tile can offer an opportunity to create your own unique design with your favorite Italian art. Most of Italian Porcelain Tile are available in a very large variety, including classic shades of white, cream, beige, wine, terracotta, beige, chocolate, red and even green. Italian ceramic tiles can provide you a unique, cozy, comfortable living space, while showcasing your unique sense of style and personality.


Italian bathroom ceramic tile are made with a variety of materials including slate, limestone, sandstone, lime stone, soapstone and quartzite. Italian ceramic tiles are also used in various types of architectural designs such as; Tuscan wall tiles, ancient Roman walls, municipal buildings, public baths, modern day hotels and commercial buildings. Italian Ceramic tiles are very easy to maintain. For regular cleaning use warm water and a soft moist cloth or sponge, and then follow the cleaning instructions on the label. Italian tile are available at our tile store.