Timber Look Floor Tiles

When it comes to timber look floor tiles you will discover a range of porcelain timber tiles. This stunning porcelain tile elegantly simulates the appearance of real timber. In particular, we like to recommend these:

Timber Look Beige or bianco:

Beautifully designed with a smooth and glossy surface and superb durability this flooring is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ideal for parquet, hallway, or bedroom flooring, it will transform the space dramatically. Ideal for both bathroom and kitchens.


Real Oak Finish:

Ideal for rooms containing high traffic but at reduced cost real oak timber look tiles are ideal for the home. Great for bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens this wood can be obtained in a variety of tones and colours. The grains are naturally precise which creates an antique appearance.

As a bonus, this wood can be re-stained to resemble almost any other colour. An alternative to real timber look floor tiles we find aged white marble flooring that looks absolutely stunning. It is highly polished and is available in a variety of shades.

Wood with a grain pattern:

As timber floor tiles are basically timber we also have the option of timber with a varied grain pattern. This adds an extra dimension to the timber look floor tiles providing a great visual effect.

Common grains include; painted, spotted, sanded and natural. If the timber grain is large or irregular across the floor, the best solution is to use timber floor-tiles with varying degrees of irregularity.

Stain protection:

with timber flooring we recommend investing in a good quality stain protector spray. This will prolong the life of your timber look floor tiles and prevent future spotting.

Most importantly, once staining has been completed it is advisable to allow the flooring to dry fully before walking on or cleaning. With carpets and rugs it is essential to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly before walking on to prevent any dirt particles attracting dust and debris.