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Choosing The Right Tile

Design Tiles Rockdale offers an extensive range of tiles and with all the tile design to choose from, clients may get confused on which tile to purchase and use. Here at Design Tile Rockdale, we help our clients on making the right choice with their tile design. We make your design project easier for you by providing tips and advice on which tile to choose and by providing solutions designed for your specific wants and needs.

To further help you, here are things to consider when choosing the right tile:

• Durability
The best way to know what to choose is to research about the durability of the tile you want to use. You can either choose between ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. But you can also mix these styles to create custom designs that match your vision.

• Material
Tile can be made from many different materials including ceramic, glass, granite, limestone, slate or marble. Remember that the type of tile you choose will be mostly determined by your budget.

• Color
When choosing a colour, always remember the basic rules. Lighter colour makes a space appear larger and it makes a dark room feel brighter. Shade variation will blend and mask better than anything. Neutral colours allow you to change accessories while vibrant colours add character.

• Size
Remember that bigger is not always better. If your wall or floor will require a lot of tile cuts, choose smaller tiles to give a better flow.

• Size of the Room
Also, before choosing any color it is a great idea to first consider the size of the room.

• Shape
Square or rectangular tiles are no longer the standard. Tiles are available in every shape imaginable, ranging from hexagon to concave shapes.

• Texture
A smooth-textured design tile can help you achieve a clean look while textured tiles gives a room a rustic feel. It is also best to consider functionality, when it comes to bathroom tiles, choose textured tiles to avoid a slippery floor. Texture also goes hand in hand with color, color variation on individual tiles and alternating patterns will give added texture.

• Attractiveness
Tiles are available in a variety of finishes ranging from glossy and semi glossy to dull. Mosaic tiles are attractive and provides a range of color options.

Design Tiles Rockdale will guide the customers carefully through the range of our tiles in order to create a concept that is unique to each individual’s style and budget. All of our consultants are trained in aspects of design including interior design, interior styling, colour consulting, creative visual arts and graphic design. Design Tiles Rockdale will also not only help you in choosing the right tile, we are also capable in helping you do your whole project. We have a Design Tile Commercial Division that is consists of a large team of experienced tilers and trades people that assures an excellent service for a wide variety of projects. For inquiries, call us now 02 9567 8971.

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