Are tiles practical for kitchen splashbacks?

Are tiles practical for kitchen splashbacks?

So you are now designing your kitchen, From choosing the colors & style  of your joinery  to the type of floor you will be stepping on. now you have come to deciding what to do with your kitchen splash back……

Some people opt to use the same stone as there bench top to have uniformity in the look  others use glass or mirror, as they don’t know what else they can use , these options can be quite costly and look plain.

Don’t dismiss the option of tiles! they look great and are really practical.

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes adding character and visual texture.

There are subway tiles with angulated edges to give a more classic look, timber tiles to give you a rustic feel, pattern tiles to give a more eclectic look, Glass & porcelain mosaics to enhance a plainer kitchen , or if you are after the paneled look that glass can give and don’t want to spend a fortune , there are many large format tiles , larger tiles means less grout joints in turn you can easily achieve that paneled look at a fraction of the price!


Here at design tiles let our design consultants help you select the correct tile for you for your kitchen splash back,if you have already selected you kitchen joinery and bench top bring in your samples so we can match a tile to suit!

  • Know your family’s lifestyle. Kitchen tiles are resilient by nature. However, it still requires up-keep and the longevity of each material. Determining your family’s lifestyle in the kitchen will help you match the best material for your kitchen tile.
  • Maintenance.  If your worried about staining pick a glazed porcelain or a ceramic tile as these tiles do not have any absorption rate. Also sealing your grout can minimize staining to your grout lines. 
  • Quality. Never compromise on quality; see your tiles as an investment and not a cost.
  • Grout lines. Make sure that your grout lines compliment the tiles that you are about to purchase.
  • Plan ahead. Always purchase an additional 5-10% more tiles than what you actually need. There will be unforeseen circumstances like breakages or cuts and this extra batch ensures you to have additional tiles. Also know that some companies will offer you a refund on unused boxes of tiles only if the same batch is available.
  • Ask for advice. Always ask for a professional’s advice. You can go on the internet and research about tiles that will fully suit your kitchen. You can also seek advice from the design consultants  here at design tiles Rockdale

See, choosing kitchen tiles is not as stressful as you think it is! Here at Design Tiles, we offer you the best kitchen tiles Rockdale has to offer.