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Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Period House Renovation

Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Period House Renovation

Successful period house renovations are aimed to preserve or enhance the elements and beauty of a period property.  A period property is the one which has a traditional and a vintage value which needs to be kept unaltered. This process helps in generating a heritage premium in its value. Taking a sledgehammer to renovate your living room is an exciting idea but, reviving your home is a process that requires a lot of time, expertise and great care.

You must realize that Focus is the key element to a thoughtful planning. Once you decide to opt for period house renovations you will realize the rigorous amount of hard work and oodles of money that it involves. Interior designers opine that it is a difficult choice and one must be cautious. Keep the following points in mind and make sure you don’t commit the following mistakes:

Overlooking the Most-Used Rooms
People often pay more attention to bedrooms than kitchens and bathrooms. However, you need to know that kitchens and bathrooms are functional areas and need to be your priority during the process of period house renovations. Keeping the kitchen and bathrooms in a good shape will enhance a house’s resale value.

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Period House Renovation

Spending Too Much on The Wrong Things
While undertaking the process of period house renovations you need to decide on your budget and then allocate it wisely amidst all the materials that will be used in the renovation process. Supposedly if you spend too much on bathroom and kitchen fittings you can compensate for it somewhere else. If you use a little wisdom on budget allocation you can save a lot of money.

Over Modernizing
Many people feel renovation mean replacing old stuff with new ones. However, keep in mind that contemporary things often do not go down well in an old frame. So, do not try to mindlessly stuff in everything new in an old heritage house. While going for period house renovation story to keep the vintage value intact with some minor changes and repair works that may elongate the longevity of your home.

Aiming for Complete Perfection
It is a natural tendency to aim for complete perfection while indulging in the renovation work. But make sure you do not tamper with the heritage value of a period house in this process. Always remember renovating an old building will never transform it into a new one. It will only enhance its longevity and make it more resilient to certain climatic hazards.

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Period House Renovation

Just Dealing with The Symptoms
A common mistake during period house renovations is dealing only with the symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem. For example, damp walls are often treated to hide the issue or stop moisture penetrating to the internal wall finishes, rather than looking for the source of the water that is leading to the damp.

Using Inappropriate Materials
Old and traditional structures were constructed from soft, permeable, flexible materials whereas new structures are made of rigid, impermeable and inflexible materials. These materials are incompatible with older structures. Using them in renovation work can result in various defects and structural problems. So, one must be careful with the use of proper materials.

Making Eco Upgrades
Energy efficiency improvements often do not go down well with old structures. You should consult a specialist regarding this. The traditional construction of period houses makes them sensitive to any modern techniques.

Make sure you are careful about not committing the above-mentioned mistakes while taking up period house renovations.
Only if you avoid the above and follow an expert advice, will you be able to incur positive results on the renovation of your house. As it involves a lot of money it should be done wisely

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Period House Renovation

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