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A New and Modern Bathroom for a New Experience

A New and Modern Bathroom for a New Experience

Bathrooms are usually small spaces we do not spend much time in, but that does not mean they are unimportant. On the contrary, a bathroom is usually perceived as a kind of a sanctuary where you can relax, regroup and recover after an exhausting week. This is where we start our days and end them, so a bathroom, essentially, has more importance than we might think. Due to that, if we want to make the most of it, we should pay special attention to its decoration and organisation, so here is how you can create a modern and stylish bathroom right now.

Baths Never Go out of Style

Even though many people avoid inserting baths into their new bathrooms, or wish to remove them from their existing ones, these pieces can do wonders for the appeal of your bathroom. Yes, baths take a lot of space and a simple shower with a colorful curtain is much more practical, but, if you want to achieve a modern and elegant style, a bath is a must.

Whether you choose to repaint and redecorate an old bath or purchase a brand new one, keep in mind that these items sometimes require more care than showers. You need to clean them at least once a week, pay close attention to the fixtures and, in case your tub includes exposed pipes, make certain not to damage them on accident. That is why a good idea is to always keep a trustworthy emergency plumber on your speed dial, just in case.

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Add Some Colors

Back in the day, all bathrooms used to look alike and you never knew how to distinguish your neighbour’s from your own. Nowadays, there are amazing bathroom accessories available and the possibilities of combining them are limitless. But, first of all, be sure what message you want to convey with your bathroom colour scheme.

Dark colours, such as grey, brown and even black, say a lot about your personality – people who choose them are usually strong, masculine and simple. Those who, on the other hand, opt for a more colourful pattern with tons of different shades are artistic and playful, so you can go in this direction as well. Finally, you can select a modern colour like blue, red or green that will give your bathroom more personality and set the tone for your entire home.

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More Green Means More Modern

With so much water and energy being wasted all over the planet right now, eco-friendly bathrooms are quite trendy at the moment. Therefore, if you want yours to be modern and reflect your care for Mother Earth, include a few green details into it.

From small things, like mats made from recycled materials and LED light bulbs that save energy, to something more complex, such as a low-flow toilet or a motion sensor faucet, you can make a great change in your bathroom. Furthermore, this change will positively impact the environment, inspire your friends and neighbours to do the same, and drastically lower your electricity and water bills.

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Once you start decorating your bathroom and turning it into its newer and more modern version, tons of different ideas will come to you. Therefore, it is important not to get too enthusiastic and incorporate all of them – remember that less is more, and try to keep it simple. Some of the other things you can focus on are new tiles, light fixtures, a large mirror or even a small hot tub. All of these will turn your bathroom experience into something completely new and exciting.

Written By: Diana Smith

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