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Simple Ways to Make a Small Space Appear Bigger

Simple Ways To Make A Small Space Appear Bigger

Some people simply like smaller places, others just don’t want to take care of a bigger place, and then there are those who can’t afford to buy and maintain anything larger. For whatever reason you’ve chosen a small home, if you want it to be a functional one, there are certain decorating rules you have to stick to. If you want your space to be snug and intimate, you won’t have to put much effort into it, but if you want your small space to be less restricting and expand it a bit, there are some tricks to make the most of it.

Color it down

You might be a fan of brighter or darker hues, but when it comes to making your small space visually bigger, you should opt for lighter and softer ones. By selecting cool colours, you will make your home seem more spacious and airier, so choose lighter shades of green or blue. Also, the colours of your walls and furniture should be synchronised, since contrasting colours can make your space appear disrupted. If the furniture and the walls are similar in colour, they will blend better and broaden up the space. The same rule applies to upholstery, rugs or curtains, for which you should also use a monochromatic colour pattern.

Add mirrors for a spacious effect

A well-positioned mirror or two can do wonders for your petite home. Not only will they reflect your space, but also the light in it. Placing your mirrors close to your windows will allow them to reflect natural light, as well as the view of the outdoors, which can open your space even more. Plus, a mirror can serve as an ornament, if you get a big one with a decorative frame. Another way to incorporate mirrors in your space is by putting them on cabinet or closet doors, near a lamp, or even on top of your coffee table, beneath your lighting fixtures.

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Windows and doors to the rescue

The choice of windows and doors for your tiny home can make a huge difference. Your windows should be as big as possible, without lavish and heavy drapes or curtains, which can block the flow of natural light into your room, making it darker and smaller. Instead, install Venetian blinds, or get light curtains, made of fine, see-through lace. Furthermore, if you invest in solid cedar sliding doors, you can save space since they don’t open inwards or outwards, they let enough light in, as well as fresh air. Plus, they come with a full-length fly screen, so that you can keep your door open all summer long.

Short-legged furniture helps

Large and bulky pieces of furniture, which rest directly on your floor, will seem too large in your small room, so opt for furniture which shows legs to gain some visual space. Also, if you get furniture that’s lower and therefore closer to the floor, the room will look bigger and more open, since you’ll have more space above the furniture.

The magic of decluttering

When your living space is limited, everything has to have its own place and it’s important that you always put things away after you’re done using them. Clutter is unattractive anywhere, especially in small rooms, so avoid too many trinkets on your shelves, paintings on your walls, or anything else that serves a solely decorative purpose. People don’t say that less is more without a reason. In this case, less clutter means more space, which means that one bigger painting will be a better solution than a bunch of smaller ones, instead of having several flower pots and vases as decoration, opt for a single lamp, which can add light to your room, and lose the big rugs. The more of the floor you can see, the bigger will your home appear.

You can’t magically create space, but you can create the impression of a bigger space by decorating your home wisely and carefully. Take some time to turn your home into a comfortable and clean space you’ll be proud of and enjoy the results.

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