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Texture vs Plain Tiles

Texture vs Plain Tiles

Over the years clients come into the showroom inspired by images they see over the internet, magazines and home shows on TV of unique feature tiles that really impact a room giving a WOW factor..

Then we put a scheme together with textured tiles that create the look that they desire… Then all of the sudden reality hits and they say ‘ohhh I don’t know if I could do that! What if it dates?’  Then the client is tempted to bail out and opt for a real pain generic option. Don’t get me wrong, plain is still nice but if it is not done correctly it can leave a space like a bathroom looking really stark and lifeless.

The way to over come a fear of using texture whether it be visual texture in a tile or tangible is simple, keep it monochromatic, for example using a plain gloss white rectified 300 x 600mm wall tile for your base tile to create a canvas for you to add one of our many large formate spanish 316 x 900mm or 330 x 1000mm wall tiles in a white with a subtle abstract pattern in it to create a fresh look to a wall in your shower recess will not only lift your plain white walls to give  an elegant simple texture which surely withstand the test of time you won’t regret!

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