Kitchen Tiles

Whether you’re fitting a brand new kitchen or just giving your old one a face lift, kitchen tiles provide the perfect method to create your kitchen of your very own. From traditional kitchen floor tile to classic and modern kitchen wall tile, when you shop with Design Tiles Direct you’re sure to find it all. Choosing kitchen wall tile is no different to choosing kitchen floor tile. There’s an incredible variety available on the market today. But which are the best kitchen wall tile for you?

Popular kitchen splashback, wall and floor tiles design Ideas

If you’re searching for kitchen tiles that are flexible, easy to fit and maintain, porcelain kitchen tiles are the ideal choice. Available in a wide selection of vivid colours and patterns, porcelain kitchen tile are highly popular because they’re extremely durable and hard wearing.

Porcelain kitchen tile also require practically no maintenance at all – simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth once or twice a week. Another benefit of porcelain kitchen tile is that they come in a huge variety of shades. Bright and radiant white is a popular shade as being natural shades of brown, blue, green and Grey.

If you’re looking for kitchen wall tiles that have just the right colour range to suit your kitchen and your lifestyle, mosaic kitchen tile is the ideal choice for you. Available in a range of eye-catching colours, mosaic kitchen wall tile will create a stylish yet elegant effect that’s perfect for contemporary kitchens.

Because mosaic kitchen tile contain tiny patterns of colour, they are often used as a splashback on kitchen walls. As such, they’re incredibly easy to fit. You can choose colour and size patterns, depending on your personal preference and budget.

If you want a funky design, then encaustic look kitchen floor tiles are perfect for you. These classic look floor tile are made in such away giving them a unique look that’s especially suited to kitchen floors. They’re very attractive and have a very distinctive look that’s great for creative kitchens that want to stand out from the crowd. Also, they’re very durable as well.

Whether you need white kitchen tile or funky designs, there’s a tile for you. Whatever you choose though, you should ensure that the tile you pick suits the overall style of your kitchen. It’s important to remember that kitchen tiles are relatively small, so it’s a good idea to choose ones that will contrast well with the overall style of your kitchen.

There are some excellent ranges available from an online or in-store in our tile shop, so you will not have any problems picking out tiles that suit your kitchen perfectly. The best way to go about buying kitchen tiles is to browse the website and pick out inspiration ideas that spark your interest and bring to us for your your wonderful tile selection and design.