Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Non slip outdoor porcelain floor tiles are now so popular that they are almost always seen in front of pools, patios, and many other outdoor areas. They are the perfect solution for areas which often see a lot of traffic from visitors, allowing you to be confident that no slips and falls will occur. However, as these tiles are made of a very special and durable material, do you need to be extra careful when cleaning them to make sure you don’t cause any damage? Read on to find out how to make cleaning your non slip porcelain outdoor tile more gentle so you can enjoy its amazing look and seamless durability.
How to clean outdoor porcelain tiles to maintain fresh look?
Before cleaning your outdoor porcelain tiles, make sure they are fully clean and dry. By cleaning your stones before you seal them with a sealant, you prevent any water seeping through, which is very common during winter months. Soap and warm water are the only substances that can effectively clean your porcelain paving without damaging its surface, but any other cleaning chemicals are best left to the professionals. You can use a mild abrasive such as baking soda or dish washing liquid, which is safe to use on porcelain paving. However, it’s important that you do this very gently and only if the surface is already dull and wet.

Once your outdoor porcelain floor tiles are clean and dry, you can apply an outdoor tile sealant that will protect the tiles from future spills. This is the perfect way to prevent stains and dulling of the surfaces and keep them looking fresh and beautiful for years to come. So, if you’re looking to add an extra bit of glamour to your patio, garden or other outdoor areas, consider installing outdoor porcelain terrazzo floor tiles instead.