Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Kitchen splashback tiles are an ideal choice for any kitchen remodeling project. This type of tiles has a wide range of styles, patterns and colors to offer homeowners a variety when it comes to designing their kitchens. Kitchen splashbacks tiles ideas will definitely add beauty to your kitchen without breaking your budget.

Kitchen tiles are integral parts of a kitchen setting. From kitchen floor tiles to kitchen wall tiles, you need not make a single mistake while selecting new kitchen tiles when renovating your kitchen. Your cooking space could be a large kitchen, a galley or an island, it does not matter anymore. Kitchen tiles designs and colors have changed from time to time but kitchen tiles always remain as important a part of the kitchen as any other room.


These kitchen tiles are not just limited to kitchen floor and walls anymore. Kitchen splashback tiles can also add warmth to your kitchen as well. A kitchen splashback is one of the most useful and beautiful features that you can add in your kitchen. It’s not merely an embellishment; a kitchen backsplash adds warmth to your kitchen and makes your kitchen look more spacious.


Kitchen splashback tiles selection and design ideas


Kitchen splashback tiles are widely used for kitchens. They are extremely easy to install with no hassles. These types of tiles can be purchased at our tile store. We have an exclusive collection of different types of kitchen wall tiles. Our stores have experienced staff who will help you choose the best tiles for your kitchen that is not only beautiful but also affordable.


Kitchen splashback tiles are the preferred masters when it comes to designing kitchen interior designs. They can add an elegant touch to any kitchen since they are available in so many designs and patterns. You can find mosaic kitchen splashbacks tiles or porcelain tiles. Mosaic tiles are very famous since they are made from mosaic pieces. Porcelain tiles are made from hardwood, which makes it durable and resistant to scratches. If you want to give a unique and modern look to your kitchen, you should go for mosaic porcelain tiles.


Kitchen splashback tiles can be installed on a concrete worktop, which has a matte finish. The most important thing while installing a tile on a worktop is to make sure that you use quality worktop adhesive. Worktop adhesive usually consists of a synthetic binder along with a silicone compound, a bonding agent and a water resistant resin. Worktops with matte finish need extra precautions while installation due to the fact that spills and stains tend to spread more easily on a matte worktop than a polished one.


Kitchen splashback tiles come in different colours such as white, cream, grey, chocolate brown, pearl white and natural white. Generally, you will find three to four colours in each splashback pattern. Some kitchen backsplash tiles may also contain different textured designs on their backs to create interesting patterns. Some kitchen splashbacks tiles are also printed with patterns in different colours and images to create a sophisticated look.


When choosing your kitchen splashback tiles, it is important to choose those that are suitable for your kitchen’s design, maintenance and budget. There are hundreds of ideas and designs that you can use to decorate your splashbacks. The ideas may include various symbols including diamonds, stars, hearts, roses, leaves, floral prints, logos, words, numbers, and vegetables. When choosing the textured designs for your tiles, make sure to choose the ones that are durable, easy to clean and stain resistant.


Moreover, when deciding on the color of your kitchen splashback tiles, remember that non-porous tiles reflect heat more than the non-porous ceramic tiles. Therefore, you need to use non-porous tiles in rooms with high heat levels such as the kitchen and bathrooms. On the other hand, if you want your file to remain cool even after being exposed to hot kitchen and bathroom temperatures, then it is best to use highly porous tiles like the porcelain tiles. In addition, keep in mind that the highly porous tiles do not require any sealant or waterproofing products to keep them safe from stains.


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