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10 Easy Steps To Sealing Outdoor Tiles

10 Easy Steps To Sealing Outdoor Tiles

So you now have a beautiful porch front, pave way, or pool side… thanks to your newly installed outdoor tiles. Wouldn’t you want that beauty to last a long time? Oh, Yes! Outdoor tiles are remarkably durable in comparison to indoor tiles but they are still tiles, thus, breakable and in need of protection.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to keep your lovely outdoor a lot longer, right? Well there’s something you can do about that. It’s called “tile sealing”. Tile sealing helps prevent stains and minimises absorbtion. In addition, it also protects your tiles from other types of outdoor damage over time brought by weather and, well, time. So now that you’re still reading this, meaning you’re interested in sealing your tiles, here are ten steps on how to seal your tiles that you would find… simple.

Step 1: Gear Up
Create a checklist and look for the following things in your house:

You will most likely not have everything in your home, so a trip to the hardware store should sound nice.

Step 2: Clean Up
This is just a simple sweeping and brushing off of dust and unwanted dust that you wouldn’t want to be attached to your tiles permanently. You may wipe them ‘til they shine or just clean them ‘til you feel satisfied with how they will look for the rest of the sealant’s existence.

Step 3: Sealing Time
Now that everything’s ready, it’s time for sealing. First, apply the sealant to the tiles with the paint brush. Try to cover it as evenly as possible. You must see to it that the sealant doesn’t drip off the body of the tile. You’ll need the space between the tiles clean and free as this is where the grout will be. The grout will not blend well to the sealant if in case so this must be done with extra care.

Step 4: Leave to Dry
Let the sealant dry overnight or for about 12 hours. The sealant must be completely dry before applying the grout to protect the tiles from the discolouration effects of the grout.

Step 5: Apply the Grout
After making sure that the sealant is dry, carefully apply the grout between the tiles using the trowel. Next, get the grout float and smooth it over the grout. Then after 15-20 minutes, damp the sponge and wipe it over the grout. Leave it for about 2 hours. Next, damp a cloth and use it to wipe all of the excess grout away. Lastly, for the drying; the grout would dry after 2-3 days.

Step 6: Clean Again
It doesn’t end there. Again, you must brush away the dust and dirt your tiles have come in touch with overnight.

Step 7: Seal Again
Apply another layer of sealant over the tiles and grout. Again, make sure it’s evenly coated, then let it dry again overnight.

Step 8: Clean One More Time
Clean it again… don’t worry, this is the last time.

Step 9: And Seal Once More Too
Apply the final layer of sealant for further protection and then leave it again to dry. Additional effort exerted and additional time consumed but it’s worth the added protection.

Step 10: Do Everything Over
Kidding! No, this is actually the time where you just look over your porch or lawn, breathe in the beautiful sight, and give yourself a tap in the back for a job well done. These tiles Rockdale sealing process might have taken you a few days but it sure is easy and worth the years it will extend your outdoor tiles’ life.

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