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Floor to Ceiling: Pull Off a Luxury Kitchen Renovation

Floor to Ceiling: Pull Off a Luxury Kitchen Renovation

Creating a luxury kitchen that is also functional from the bottom up isn’t an easy task, and without a well-composed guide, an inexperienced renovator can quickly deplete their budget. Here’s a compilation of ideas and tips for pulling off a stunning kitchen renovation that adds a ton of value to your property.

Make a statement with marble

A marble bench is a nice conversation starter in any kitchen. This premium natural material introduces the element of earth, all other materials and architectural elements. Even though 20 mm is the standard thickness of marble slabs, the available palette of edge profiles and designs have popularized many more individual designs. Unlike in the previous years, these days there’s a high demand for marble with bold veining. However, this noble stone isn’t for everyone. Not only does it chip easy, but it’s porous and can stain unless maintained properly. Engineered stone is a less-expensive alternative that can look just as stunning but it’s far more durable.

Choose trendy cabinets

For many interior designers, the wow factor of any kitchen starts with cabinets, however not all “wows” are made the same, as different iterations appeal to different buyers. Still, the one feature that connects all well-designed cabinets is that they make everything easier. As the color is concerned, dark neutrals can look sophisticated, especially matte black, charcoal, and light grey, which looks amazing when contrasted with natural timber or whites. Consider equipping them with touch-catch mechanisms without handles for the maximal visual impact.

Design a chic ceiling

When it comes to ceilings, the safest option is rarely the most intriguing one. If you want to draw an eye up, you need to make the ceiling a feature for itself. Australia is the leading country when it comes to home renovations, and many of the burgeoning home decorating trends can be sourced to Sydney and Melbourne design studios. Often used as a decorative element in Australian homes, plaster cornices can give your guests a hint of your personal tasted and decorating style. Until recently, homeowners had a few stock articles to choose from, now suppliers of intricate plaster ceiling roses in Melbourne offer a variety of designs, so you can choose the one that makes the best contrast to the kitchen island below.

Invest in luxury appliances

Built-in refrigerators and ovens have become trademarks of luxury kitchens. Not only do they take up little space, but they are also more durable than standalone models. They fit inside your cabinets and often feature integrated panels that match the rest of your kitchen. If your budget can reach it, you can even try no-touch versions of the sink faucets, stainless-steel coffee makers whose timing can be synced with your smartphone, wine chillers, etc.

Not your ordinary flooring

This is an area where interior decorators’ and homeowners’ spears are firmly crossed. While some keep claiming that natural stone is best for durability and warmth, for those who use their luxurious kitchen to cook, standing on wood or cork is much more comfortable. Italian porcelain tiles are near to indestructible, and with large tiles, you have fewer seams and less grout so maintenance is much easier. The best thing is that Italian tiles don’t have to be expensive. In any case, don’t forget to put in a radiant tile heater underneath, as making a cup of espresso on ice-cold tiles really kills it.

Choose appropriate lights

Stunning and glamorous light fixtures can do more than illuminate your kitchen. Your lighting scheme will depend on your kitchen layout, but to avoid utilitarian direct lighting that shines bright on every surface evenly, try to layer up the fixtures, using multiple indirect light pendants, LED ribbons for under-cabinet areas, and even incorporate them into ceiling details.

When going for a luxury look, it’s easy to blow out the funds on features and details that look expensive but add neither value nor lasting style. However, if you choose marble, natural stone tiles, quality ceiling features, and luxury appliances, you can’t go wrong.