Outdoor Entertaining Areas 


If you’re thinking of giving your outdoor space some TLC, now is the perfect time to get it all underway! 

In the digital age we live in, we have endless sources of inspo to look at, and often this can get overwhelming… Where do you even start!? Let’s go through some realistic and cost-effective options for tiling your outdoor space in a way that leaves your friends and families in awe… 

Feature tiles 

tropical breeze

Feature tiles don’t need to cost you a lot, and they look beautiful! Use this space to implement a little bit of your personality, and remember, you’re not restricted to the floor space! Use a feature tile on a wall, stairs, or even the front of your outdoor dining or bar  space! 

Timber tiles 

Timberland Oak Chevron TileIf you love timber, but not the sealing and maintenance involved, then why not use a porcelain timber tile!? With technology today, these tiles are super realistic and available in external finishes, which means they can be used for any outdoor space (including your wet areas!). 

Concrete or stone-look tiles 

Precious Travertine
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omething a little more subtle? Try a concrete or stone-look tile. Again, a cost-effective option that doesn’t require any sealing or maintenance! A beautiful and timeless option (and nice and easy to keep clean!).

If you need help with the design process, book in a time to see one of our expert designers today!

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