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Four Inspirational Ways To Use A Hexagon Tile

Four Inspirational Ways To Use A Hexagon Tile

In terms of shapes, its undoubtedly the year of the hex..

4 Inspirational ways to use a Hexagon Tile:

1. Floor

To create an authentic rustic floor as a point of interest, whether it be in the entrance to your home or bathroom floor this definitely is a wow factor!

2. Feature Wall

Whether it be a bathroom feature wall or bedroom feature wall the range of hexagon tiles at Design Tiles come in plain colours or a decorative patterns.

Opportunity 14000

Opportunity 14000

3. Splashback

Instead of going with the ordinary white subway tiles, try using a funky looking hexagon mosaic which can look quite smart with a nice stone bench top.

4. External Feature Wall

Its predictable to use some type of stack stone outside but use your imagination to create something exciting from the hexagon tile range for some visual texture oppose to the tangible texture of stack stone.

Ideally hexagon tiles break the boundaries of traditional squares or rectangle schemes by decorating your space with contemporary perspectives and creative opportunities. Hexagons recaptures the taste for decoration by  making any type of style more interesting. Hexagonal tiles extend from the geometrical to the stylised floral motif to create extremely decorative ambiances which, at the same time, are also minimal.The patterns can be mixed, creating an infinite number of combinations from each range.






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