Travertine Tiles Sydney

When we think of travertine tiles, many people imagine rich colors, beautiful pastels, and soothing relaxation. Travertine is one of the most popular natural stones used in homes, building, and gardens. There is also travertine look porcelain tiles in the market. The travertine stone comes from the limestone deposits in the Caspian area of Iran.

The name travertine comes from Latin travertineus, meaning ‘on the line’ or ‘on the vein’. This type of limestone has been used for thousands of years to build monuments, statues, and other structures.

Travertine tile for outdoor area is available in several colors, as well as various shades and textures. There are also a number of different processing methods that have been used to create these tiles. One of the most common processing techniques is sand blasting or water jetting, both of which can be found in Sydney.

Travertine tiles for outdoor and indoor area in Sydney, Australia

Tumbled travertine tiles in Sydney are extremely well-known and widely used for outdoor and indoor areas. First, the texture and color variations that are available here are enormous. That means if you want a light or medium tone, there are plenty of options available.

If you have a more precise, geometric design in mind, there are also a variety of hand-grounded travertine tiles for you to choose from. This is particularly attractive if you’re trying to bring a more natural, earthy tone to your space.

The natural stones come from limestone and slate quarries in New South Wales and surrounding areas. It’s no wonder that this type of tile has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the past few years, particularly in Sydney.

So, why travertine tiles? The reason why they have become so popular in places like Sydney, Western Sydney and the surrounds is their affordability and the wide variety of color options that they offer.

While you could simply purchase the standard black or white tiles, you can also get them in the vivid blues, yellows, blacks, greens and much more.

In addition to their wide variety, travertine tile also has some other benefits that make them even more attractive than their competitors.

For one, they’re naturally resistant to stain and scratches, which can be very damaging to other types of flooring.

Another important benefit is that they hold up well to heat, making them an excellent choice in places like cafes, restaurants, or home interiors.

The natural stone is also very easy to maintain, which is why many homeowners in Australia and around the world are choosing this type of tile for their dwellings.