How Would You Design Your Kitchen with New Contemporary Kitchen Design?

How Would You Design Your Kitchen with New Contemporary Kitchen Design?

Design Your Kitchen with New Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Choosing a new kitchen design is a daunting task for many homeowners. With so many designs, colors and themes in trend these days, it is very difficult to choose the perfect design. Since, the kitchen being the essential part of any home, there are several things we have to consider while planning a new kitchen design. Rather than rushing into an impulsive decision, it is always better to take some professional help.  Trained and professional designers have some templates and they can show you a thousand new kitchen designs to choose from. Even you can also customize your design and add more storage space in your small kitchen.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Adding bold colors in your new kitchen design is the trend these days. Blue tones, Shades of Grey, Sage green change the look of your kitchen. Always go for light colored cabinets if you have a small kitchen. This will help in giving a spacious look to the kitchen. You can also play with colors like giving light color for upper cabinets and dark shades for lower cabinets. This will give you vibrant and enhance the look of your kitchen.

Triangle of Efficiency

Make sure that you have you’re the triangle of efficiency in place. The hob sink and the refrigerator are the functional areas of the kitchen. You need to install your countertops in the kitchen in a secured corner and install them on a moderate height so that children do not access the same. There should be no traffic in this area. You will not get a perfectly designed kitchen if this issue is not solved.

Layout of Kitchen

How Would You Design the Layout of Your Kitchen?

Creating zones in your new kitchen design will help you create an effective and functional kitchen. There are 5 basic zones in the kitchen

Consumable Zones: This area is used to store all your groceries. You can split this section into two parts and design the first part for your refrigerator and use the second part as your pantry. A pantry is used to store your groceries.

Non-consumables Zones: This zone is used to store your everyday used plates, bowls, silverware, and glasses. You can install some cabinets and stainless steel shelves to store your utensils and crockery items.

Cleaning Zone: The zone contains the dishwasher and the sink. This is the wet area of the kitchen. It is also used to store all the washed vessels.

Preparation Zone: This is the area where most of the prep for cooking happens. The zone may contain a kitchen island and countertop. You can also store your chopping board, mixing bowls, mixers, and blenders in this area.

Cooking Zone: This is the heart of the kitchen. The zone where you experiment with new dishes, here you will have a stovetop, cooking range and the microwave. Apart from this, you can also store spoons, ladles, whisks and other utensils that are used for cooking.

Kitchen Cabinets

Keep Your Cabinets Functional

Many homeowners concentrate only on the design of the cabinets and forget its functionality. Allocating the cupboard space for your essentials is very important in your new kitchen design. Your cupboard space must be designed in such a way that it aids in keeping your appliances and utensils in an organised manner. Installing these ideas in your new kitchen design will surely help you improve your experience in using the kitchen.

So now you can search for some new kitchen designs online and choose the best one for your kitchen. Always ask for the quote for kitchen renovation from different companies and compare their quotes to choose an affordable one.